Daniel Watts – Chairman & Director:

With nearly 25 years of executive management experience in every practical aspect of finances, asset management, sales and other positions, Daniel has self-made career he can feel proud of. His successes have been plentiful and they were accomplished in major financial institutions such as Visa Europe, Banco Popular in Spain and others. A man of few words, he often prefers to let his financial acumen do the talking for him, A long term thinker, he is no stranger to risk management and handling accounts worth millions of dollars.

Daniel’s attitude has constantly been that of surrounding himself with quality, competent individuals, He’s established lively and capable teams wherever he’s gone to and has expanded the social and financial understanding in any business he’s ever been a part of.

While working with Banco Popular in Spain, Daniel was in charge of its business division which was celebrated for its strong client relationships and constant ability to deliver results to the client. Daniel’s ability to fulfill a substantial percentage of the bank’s foreign currency trade goals and requirements increased the profitability of the division and bank as a whole.

Since departing Banco Popular Daniel has worked mostly as a consultant to several financial institutions, advising on possible ways of improving profitability in the modern market place. He has also worked with American companies in the wake of the recent financial crisis, consulting on long term and profitable business practices.

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